Jay's Bio

Name: Jay Denigris
Position: Guitar / BG Vocals

Jay started playing Guitar at the age of 6 during which he studied under the direction of Tom Dahlman at Music Men in Enfield, CT. He was learning at the same time as Jim O'keef of Aquanett whom is considered an excellent guitarist if not one of the best in New England. After a few years with Tom he moved on to be self-taught. He worked on a lot of songs and learned to play by ear.

His Influences are Richie Sambora, Dave Murray from Iron Maiden,  Stevie Ray, BB King, Eric Clapton, and many others.

When he was 8, he use to jam with his best friend (who's like a brother), Ross, who lived a couple houses down. They were about the same age and did all kinds of stupid/fun stuff. Now they are in UNTITLED together!

In High school he took a Theory & Harmony class where he won an award for most achieved student in the class. He was offered a part scholarship to Berkley Music school in Boston but unfortunately his family didn't have the money to put him in there.

In High school he had a couple bands. The first one was Fatal Vision. They actually won the Talent show in High School. That was A LOT of fun. Later on in the years he joined Vital Force. He enjoyed that for it was with some good friends who he misses now. HeI played in a lot of good bands through the years.

In 1998 Chris Caron and Jay formed Bad Little Kitty. That was a great band. Then Chris and Jay moved on from them and Jay joined a GREAT, GREAT band called Phoenix (which changed the name to Toychest later). This was a lot of fun! Kim Lea was the singer and they became great friends. The band split apart and Kim went to join Pushboxx while Jay took a couple years off from playing which wasn't the best idea, but much needed. 

In 2002 Jay decided to play again and wanted to pay tribute to the guitarist he idled and played just like: Richie Sambora. Well, since there wasn't a call for a Richie Sambora Tribute he decided to do a Bon Jovi tribute since he LOVES the 80's music. He got a few guys together and played for a few months but were having problems finding a singer. After a couple more months Jay asked Joe Ventura to come down and all he could think of was, WOW was this Jon Bon Jovi in disguise? Well, when Joe got home that night he called Jay and asked him if he was tight with his band, asking why he answered, "I want you to play Richie in my Bon Jovi band". Joe said he was the PERFECT Richie and the best he has seen or heard. So he took the Job and JOVI was formed.   JOVI played on for almost 2 years untill Jay was released from JOVI for "Reasons" and he left the band. 

In November of 2004 Jay formed with John & Aaron UNTITLED.  This is one of the BEST original bands he could ask for with the BEST Musicians/Friends he could ask for!!!.

In July 2005 JOVI was reformed with 3 original members.  In Dec 2006 Jay "Left" the band again.