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Here you will find pics and info on all of Jays guitars.  He has quite a few.  Enjoy!

**Note** NONE of these guitars are for sale so please don't ask.

This is updated Often for Jay is always working on new ones.

Jays Untitled Guitars

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  These are the Guitars Jay Uses for Untitled
Pic to Follow soon  

Floyd Rose REDMOND Series Model 3!!


Floyd Rose DSOT3 - Duncan SH4 in Bridge, Duncan SL59 in Bridge
2005 Floyd Rose DST3 - Duncan Dimebad pickup in bridge & SL59 in neck position.
2005 Floyd Rose DST2.  Stock.
2005 Floyd Rose DST3.  Duncan SH-4 pickup
in Bridge position & SL59 in the Neck position.
Not sure what year.  WHITE Ovation Legend 12 string. 
Fender Strat Custom Shop.  Built in 2003.  Tobacco burst paint, Maple Neck, Floyd Rose Trem with locking nut. 
Laguna LG4ce Acoustic.
2000 Kramer SR-424.  Customized by Jay.  All GOLD hardware.

Ritchie Sambora Guitars (Used when Jay was in JOVI)
1980's Jackson with Reverse headstock.  Unfinished maple neck, SH-4 Pickup, Black Floyd. Thanks Monte!
Sambora Kramer - CLONE - Black with Gold hardware.  Made by Jay.
1988 Signature Series Kramer.  Signed by Ritchie & Jon.  Thanks Monte!
1991 Custom Fender Signature Series.  Cherry Burst, Maple neck with stars, Dimarzio pickup, Floyd Rose trem, Locking nut.  Sambora custom wiring. Thanks Monte!
Ovation Double Neck.  Samboras FAMOUS "Dead or Alive" Guitar.  This is a clone painted by JV.
The imfamous BAD MEDICINE guitar!  It says Bad Medicine on the back.  This is a DEAD ON copy!  SH-4 Pickup. Painted by JV.
Jon Bon Jovi's New Jersey guitar!  This is a copy but as close as you can get.  Painted by JV.
Ovation 6 string custom.  Samborafied.

Jays other guitars
She's my Pride and Joy!!!!!  Yes, I know that was a SRV song and this is a Hendrix guitar but it fits!
This is an ORIGINAL ORIGINAL 1957 Fender Strat!  This has original hang tag & case.  Appraised 7 years ago at $15,000.
Dean Coors Light Silver Bullet - RARE Guitar for promotional use only. Stock
Kramer Striker MUTT.  This is a Kramer neck with a Dean Custom Body.  The LIGHTEST guitar you will ever hold!  Locking Tuners.
1989 Kramer Nightswan AZTEC - Only 100 Made!!!!  All Stock.
Kramer SR-424.  Non Trem, Black, HSH
The RAREST in Jays Collection!  ONLY ONE MADE!  Prototype!
Morris Acoustic electric 6 string.  Flame sound hole.
Rumor has it The company built this and found it to be too expensive to mass produce, so they didn't go through with it.

This plays like an electric.  Its the most amazing 6 string I ever played.

Dean Z custom.  1980's.  Dean inlays. Stock
1987 Charvel Predator.  Reverse Headstock. All Stock
Les Paul Clone
1980's Dean Custom.  Rear End paint.
Brand new Fender Squire Mini.  This is my SONS!  Cant wait!!!  He is already learning from me and is doing well.  He has his own Mini Marshall stack too :)
Kramer Ferrington - PINK!  only 3 made this color!  All original.
1980's Kramer Striker.  Will get the model # soon.
1980's Kramer Focus.  Will get model # later.
Kramer SR424.
Kramer MUTT.  SR424 body and 1000ST neck.  Still... ALL KRAMER.
1980's Kramer Striker.  She is a beauty!  Will get model # soon
Dean Custom Coors Guitar.  These were for promotional only
Guild M-75

Jays Work in progress guitars
This is where is all started!  My FIRST Electric Guitar. 
EARLY 80's!
Aria Pro CS-250 California Series
1990's Jackson.  Will get model # soon


Sambora Peace Sign guitar.  Neck is done!  Body needs painting
PIC TO FOLLOW SOON Sambora Tattoo  Kramer.  Body/Neck painted.  Need Airbrushing
PIC TO FOLLOW SOON Fender Signature series.  Have ORIGINAL 1991 Cherryburst body NOS, Sambora rosewood neck.  Need to put it all together


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